Friday, May 30, 2008

Public Library Liars

Two of my favorite things together! Like chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate and coffee, or mint and chocolate (I guess I really just like chocolate) Anyway, most people who know me also know that I've also had a life long love of all things Hello Kitty. So when I found an organic cotton Hello Kitty graphic tee (made in the USA to boot) I was one happy lady. I've been waiting forEVER for them to arrive and they FINALLY came in and boy, were they cute!

...But, then a sad thing happened, searching for the size on the label- we happened to notice that they were marked 6% organic cotton, 94% cotton. ...WITH the word "organic" not once but three times on the shirt. HUGE across the front- and then again with miss Hello Kitty's face across the hip- and then again with brightly colored (supposedly) eco-friendly inks, across the collar.
Sufficed to say my mood swung very fast and now I was mad. This is just the very thing my store is against. I find this sort of misrepresentation disgusting, misleading, and borderline fraudulent. I will spare you the details of the conversation I had with the Public Library the company selling these and other eco-centric and politically messaged T's, trying to defend their products. I just hope that the "made in the USA" label isn't of a similar ilk... some sweat shop on some off shore island that is 'technically' usa. Everything I have ordered from this company, Public Library, has been shipped back.

So happy. Then so sad. So fast.

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